Tuesday, March 13, 2007

American Airline

I need to travel to Raleigh from Boston next week, and AA is the only carrier that can get me there faster than hitchhiking. So I tried ordering flights online. Everything was going well, until I had to enter the billing address. They would not accept "Norway"- it was not in the drop-down box. I believe they had every country in the western hemisphere, but not a single European or Asian option. They are an AIRLINE. Do they not serve travelers?

So I called them. They wanted to add $10 to process it over the phone. They couldn't accept a foreign credit card either. They said I could go to any British Airways counter at an airport. I wasn't going to travel just to buy tickets. Finally I grabbed an old US credit card. I had to guess what the phone numbers were, and I am not convinced I gave the correct billing address, since the statements come here as well. I hindsight, I should have gave them a random US address using my work card.

I won't even mention how the only flight I could get out of Raleigh to San Francisco is on Southwest. It has THREE stops. I wonder... does the final destination count as a stop? It seems all flights by default have at least one stop. Three stops could mean four legs to the flight. I will likely feel released from incarceration when we arrive in glorious Oakland. Now if only the GPS could actually drive the car to hour hotel.


augiepete said...

Any stops in Denver?????

filtersweep said...

I don't know-- they kindly omitted any such useful information.