Friday, March 02, 2007

Back From Mirror World

I picked that up from a Gibson novel--- likely due to the English driving on the wrong side of the road. A few key differences that distinguish England from other countries (aside from the driving): heated towel racks. It seems a little cheap by Norway standards, where we like to heat the entire bathroom floor. 200-some volt outlets-- normal enough by European standards, by they insist on using an even bulkier plug-in than continental Europe. Think US oven or electric dryer plug and you have the right idea. To add a bit of a flourish, they like to place on-off switches at every outlet. Funky taxis. There are no others like them. Here in Norway we like our luxury cars. England still uses the old-school looking cabs that are actually quite practical if you have a bunch of luggage.

The trip went well. It was nice to see a little more of England rather than just London. I don't think there are any English people working in the hospitality industry in the entire country. It was a nice trip, but it was great to finally be home.

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