Saturday, March 24, 2007


I have been too busy to blog or take photos. My camera phone is no longer on speaking terms with my laptop. I am sitting in a bar in an Irvine Hilton. The past week has been surreal. We took a small plane with engine trouble to Raleigh. We had a long meeting, then hurried to the airport to take the milk route to Oakland. This plane stopped in Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, then Oakland. It was one of Southwest's routes--- we never had to change planes. Fortunately the plane was half full, or it is half empty? Regardless, the burly flight attendant offered use peanuts and crackers on all four legs of the flight. It ceased to be amusing. I had my first experience at Midway airport in Chicago. It is like landing in a soccer field in the middle of a residential neighborhood. I had no idea that a plane could stop so quickly. Helicopters need more landing room. Denver was Denver--- which is nowhere near Denver. Las Vegas was surreal from the air. Oakland was Oakland. It is probably a better spot to land than the San Francisco airport- which looks like a dock sticking out into the bay. After San Francisco we flew to Orange County airport-- across the street from where I sit, amidst an Irani-American event. Literally: only in America.

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