Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Escape from USA

When we were checking in at Logan, the ticketing agent gave me a bit of trouble about returning. My visa expires in a few days, and I have no return ticket to the US. The reason my visa expires is because my passport expires the end of May. On paper, my visa expires in late May as well. I suggested that I still had 3 months as a "tourist"- that no visa is required to travel to Norway. I had looked into all these details before leaving-- and even visited Norwegian immigration twice to make sure there would be no problems.

The woman was very kind. She told me she could be fined $20,000, so she consulted her supervisor. I was not popular with everyone else waiting in line at the counter. Her boss arrived and asked if I had a Norwegian drivers license. He then asked when it expired. He was in disbelief as I showed him that it expired on my 100th birthday. He said it was good enough for him.

On the plane, I decided that I would tell immigration at Schipol that I was traveling for three weeks on business, if asked. I was never asked. The guy looked at me and stamped my passport without a word.

Yesterday I mailed in my re-application. No messing around anymore.

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