Saturday, March 10, 2007

Changing a Battery in a Polar 720

Polar would have you believe you must send their heart rate monitors to a repair shop just to change the battery. At least that is what the owner's manual states. I threw caution to the wind, as mine requires its third battery, and I really do not want to send it off to who knows where. As you can see, the CR 2354 battery could not be more easily accessible. Despite what I read elsewhere on the internet, it does not use a CR 2032. Four small screws hold the watch together. The only risk, aside from ham-fisted mechanical aptitude, is that the HRM is water resistant. Apparently I have not guaranteed that it is properly sealed. But this is out of warranty, and I don't see a repair shop doing much better. Besides, I am not going diving for pearls with this thing. Use this information at your own risk.