Friday, March 16, 2007


I had a nice trip to Amsterdam-- on an exit row. I sat next to a retired Statoil exec who talked my ear off. He was very interesting. He and his wife were on their way to Nice for a month. We had a little glitch when we landed- there was no one waiting at the gate to open the doors. We sat for maybe ten minutes before we could "deplane." I ran a tight schedule, and we had to walk twenty minutes or so to catch our plane to Boston that started boarding before we even landed. We ended up on a NWA airbus with video on demand. I sat next to some strange Swedish woman who sold snowmobile parts. She really wasn't that strange after talking to her a bit. I watched Night at the Museum, Walk the Line, and that movie with Stranger than Fiction. I started watching Deja Vu, but it seemed entirely uncool to watch a movie about terrorism while on a plane. Our flight to Boston was nothing. It is significantly shorter than flying to Minneapolis or points further west. Boston is so small the airport is practically downtown. Good thing I had some US cash-- there are toll roads here.

We ate a feast of Sushi down the street. I am tired. My PC thinks it is 2am. I have meetings in the morning. Must get sleep.

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