Monday, May 02, 2005

Centurion Project

I'm building a single speed for my wife. I found a great deal on ebay for a Centurion Elite RS road frame. It has Tange 2 tubing and is compatible with the 700C wheels and 125 rear of the other conversions. It should build up to be a great commuter bike, and if she ever wants to try riding fixed, we can just toss a fixed wheel on the back.

Somehow I've come into a bunch of extra parts and have a perfect SR stem, 105 brake levers, Tektro brakes, and a nice Ultegra crankset and BB. I have a few extra saddles to choose from. All I need is a seatpost and chain... and pedals. I guess it isn't so bad being a junk collector.

On a side note, I had to stop by the bike shop today, and one of the employees was in the early crash in yesterday's race. He destroyed a $1200 wheelset when some guy in front of him went down, causing the pileup. Apparently the instigator had crashed in at least three other races. He should probably take up demolition derby or monster truck racing with those destructive tendencies. I guess my own race could have been worse. The shop guy's rather laid-back attitude about the incident has me wondering just how much of a shop discount they actually receive.

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