Saturday, May 28, 2005

"That Guy"

Tonight, I met "that guy."

OK, so I ranted a bit after Tuesday's Opus. This afternoon we had a crit at the State Fair Grounds. I blew up badly and was off the lead group. I HATE chicanes. Maybe it is mental, but I can't handle them. I always lose position and end up at the end of the "slinky effect."

Anyway, a group of five of us worked together. We never made up any time on the lead group, but we didn't lose any either. If we could have stayed on after the blazing fast start, all would have been well. There were some squirrely riders out tonight, and getting stuck behind someone that can't fill the gap means the end is near.

Anyway, I was talking with one of the guys during the cool-down lap who was working with us. He was a really nice guy, and a great guy to have working with us. He mentioned that HE caused the second crash on Tuesday at Opus. That he went down after touching wheels, taking four or five other guys down. It was only then I noticed his road rash. He said he took his bike into the shop that night to have it fixed in time for this weekend's races. He said that he felt very bad about taking the others down, but pointed out they all made it back up. I found myself saying, "That's part of racing. That sort of thing can happen to anyone."

Taking out your own wheel is much better than taking out someone else's. Even if it does cause others to go down.

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