Saturday, May 21, 2005

Ride Home

Many of the following shots were taken while riding. I guess you could say I'm like a still photography Lucas Brunelle wannabe. In recognition of Bike to Work Day (like I needed an excuse), here are images from the most interesting portion of my commute.

My bike in the shower room at work.

The shower.

The rail yard near Warner Road.

Empty barges east of downtown.

Warner Road.

Flat tire- oddly the Armadillo flatted- not the Open Corsa CX.

More barges.

The Lafayette Bridge.

South of downtown.

The Wabasha Bridge (and all those flags).

The basilica from afar.

The High Bridge.

"Live Here"- I always wanted to live in an abandoned power plant!

Looking back toward downtown at the functional power plant.

Old pilings in the Mississippi River.

Shepard Road.

The 35E tunnel.

The trail gets nasty.

Mississippi Blvd.

From the Ford Bridge.


blipzandstripz said...

Nice pictures. Saint Paul is like a foreign country to me (I'm from Minneapolis). I need to aimlessly ride around over there and just take it all in someday.

filtersweep said...

Thanks. I'd almost argue that it is nicer to bike in Saint Paul than Minneapolis. We also live in Mpls, and the Greenway and trails are amazing.