Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Opus Crit- Week 3

OK- this is more of a rant: tonight's Opus started out with a crash at the starting line. Someone went down rather hard while touching wheels while clipping in. The rest of the race was no better. Tonight was full-contact racing, with plenty of pushing and shoving, leaning, and yelling. I was furious at some bozo who couldn't hold his line at all, who nearly took out my front wheel a few times as he dove into the EASY curves (they really can't even be called corners).

I don't understand people. This is a meaningless "practice" crit. It isn't worth losing any skin. If someone wants to position themselves, do it when the road turns up. This idiot kept losing position going uphill and tried to get it all back on the fast, easy part of the course. There was nothing to be tactically gained by doing that. Oh well, it seems there is one in every race. Maybe the cold and rain is better if it keeps them at home.

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