Friday, May 27, 2005

Saw A Dead Body Today

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I was driving to my "other job" this evening, heading south on 35E when traffic slowed to a halt. I could see flashing lights in the distance. Many lights. As I crept along the accident scene, I had to look. What I saw was truly horrifying. There were two vehicles that were crushed, and both had their occupants still in them. An occupant was half hanging out of the front vehicle, slumped over, looking quite dead. EMTs did not appear to be in any hurry to assist. The driver in the second vehicle was moving and still in the vehicle. There were maybe six additional vehicles on the shoulder. Traffic was passing on the right shoulder. It was the most horrific accident scene I have ever encountered. I truly regret looking. I really did not need to see the limp body.

I didn't feel like driving the speed limit of 70 after that. Of course, I was just driving to another job. Everyone else resumed speeding away after the traffic opened up.

When I arrived at work, I later found that the driver indeed was dead. The freeway remained closed for hours.

I can't figure out how this accident could have occurred. Both vehicles were in the center lane. I expected an accident this severe would result in vehicles driving off the road. I really wonder what happened. I hate accidents like this on dry, straight roads that I regularly use.

Sometimes cars really are coffins.

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filtersweep said...

Follow up: I read in yesterday's paper that a woman from Eagan died in that crash after crossing the median.