Thursday, May 12, 2005

Opus Week 4- (or why I hate Doppler Radar)

The race was uneventful, except that it rained again, and I'm soaked. The problem is that I checked the weather before I left at Doppler showed no precipitation, and the forecast was for no rain. As I stood in line to register, black clouds rolled in, and we had another windy, wet crit. I probably would have dressed a bit differently, and one might argue that I could have prepared for the worst, but that misses the real issue. How can the weather be so wrong, so often? And it had to have already been raining somewhere nearby while it predicted no rain. And while I'm at it, why even comes up with the "odds" that there is a 40% chance of rain? Why can't they use Vegas oddsmakers to predict the weather? And while we are at it, toss some money into the mix to make the weather just a bit more interesting.

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