Thursday, May 26, 2005

I Love the Rain

OK, I much prefer sunny weather, but I've learned not to hate the rain. I commuted today, despite the forecast of 80% chance of rain. It rained all the way home.

Riding in the rain is a flashback to a wonderful part of childhood- of great memories- of playing with matches under a picnic table with the neighbor kid, Kent... of digging up worms, saving them in the refrigerator, and plotting great things with the millions we'd make selling them... of stomping through mud puddles walking home from school, without a care in the world. There is no other time in most people's life when rain is no excuse not to go outside and play- where the maxim, "doesn't know enough to get out of the rain" means absolutely nothing. Choosing to ride in the rain as an adult brings it all back to when life was simple, and getting wet was harmless fun.

I've spent much of my life avoiding weather, of allowing weather to determine what I do. Riding in the rain is all about conquering the weather, of beating it into submission, of evening the score. Of course, it helps being a bit prepared for rain, but there is no getting around that fact that it is impossible to stay completely dry.

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