Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I started this blog about biking, and here I am writing about buying a car. OK- I love my cars too. What can I say? Car buying is more of an emotional experience for me than a practical one. We both really like this car and the price was right. Funny thing is, I didn't really do much homework until later, when I discovered it was rear wheel drive and a 6-cylinder- not that it matters. I had no idea rear wheel drive cars were still made. At least I think it is rear wheel drive. That shows you how much I am into these sorts of things. Its seats are more comfortable than any chairs we own. Best of all, it has a manual transmission. I doubt we could find a stick on one of these in the US. We purchased an Auto-Pass transmitter at a gas station so we don't need to stop at toll booths. We had no idea they were available at gas stations. We will be billed later. Speaking of which, the dealership sort of operated on the honor system as well. We picked up the car, drove around in the fog, then SWIFTed the money to the shop. Checks simply don't exist here. I doubt they would even know what to do with one. Oh, this thing has a huge gas tank. I put maybe $70 worth of gas in it when I thought that was enough. When we took off, the tank was just over half full. I think I will keep busing to work.

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