Thursday, February 02, 2006

Fise Du?

Today five students share my office. To be fair, I inexplicably have the largest office in the company, but only because it is an overflow room that is located outside the main area. Apparently we managers will be moving into a new area, so my lone wolf status is temporary. These students were apparently with some sort of professor, except he farted incessantly. Loudly. These lasted all day, despite the fact that he was in mixed company. One of my coworkers asked me later how it was going with everyone in there and I told him about the farting situation. He had just met with them in the conference room and said he thought something was rather malodorous in there. I asked him if this was some sort of cultural difference, which he roundly denied. Anyway, they will be back tomorrow.

I had to call a company in North Dakota that inquired about our product. The man I spoke to complimented me on how well I spoke English. That was a first! Later I had to sit in on a conference call with some developer out of California- likely to ensure we didn't misunderstand anything. The trouble was, despite his clean American English, I had no idea what he was talking about since it was so technical. This kept me at work late, and the coworker later picked me up at the bus stop, which was very cool, since it looked like I missed my bus. He saved me a half hour wait. I finally rode in a Skoda, which are very cool cars. They are basically rebadged VWs made in the Czech Republic (whatever it is called these days). Anyway, that is work.

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EuroCrash said...

It's a shame vw took over skoda, they were such fun to joke about.