Thursday, February 23, 2006

Fast Job

OK, so it is a bit of a play on words (for those that know the language), but today is a great day. I haven't really broadcast the fact that I technically have not been employed permanently. I was under a 3 month contract. Employees have so many rights in Norway, that employers often are cautious about new hires. My boss is a smart guy. He knew that I had nothing to lose in accepting a three month contract- since I was unemployed when he hired me. If I already had a great permanent job, he probably would not be able to hire me on a trial basis, since most people would not give up a secure job for something less secure, unless they were really hating life. Of course I accepted the temporary contract. I knew they would hire me permanently, but of course it wasn't a given. Yesterday he told me he was offering me permanent status, and today I received my signed contract. I can breath a little easier. Also, my performance bonus is tied to the company's performance- not my own. I cannot complain about that- especially as we are in the performance management business.

It is pretty cool to receive this before two months have gone by. I knew this was going to happen, but it was a little unnerving entering into financial commitments without a permanent job- like buying a car. Tomorrow I should receive both a Visa card- which I was denied earlier, and my driver's license. If I hit three for three, we will definitely celebrate.


Nathan said...

Congratulations! :)

Sparky Dog said...

rock on man, despite the driver's license... which is ... like for LIFE, right? That is a stupid price, for that, a tv and a new car... I guess the phat new LOOK is a ways away?