Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Little Strange If You Ask Me

I did a recon mission about the locker room situation and showers at work so I can begin biking. I checked things out in the basement, and found a shower room, but there was no sign on the door, so I didn't know if this was the men's or woman's room. I also picked up a key to a locker. I asked a coworker about the locker room and he told me the men's room was on the left. I apparently was at the wrong room earlier. I went back down to check and to find my locker. In the men's locker room, there was nothing but lockers- unmarked lockers. So I have no idea which is mine, despite my key being numbered. I then noticed there were no showers in the men's locker room. I then asked another co worker who works out down there, and was told that there is one shower room (like a typical men's, open room with a bunch of shower heads sticking out of the walls), and two locker rooms (for men and women separately). And I thought the restrooms in France where strange.

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