Saturday, February 11, 2006


Styrkeprøven is somebody's sick idea of a timed bike event from Tronheim to Oslo- across the mountains. I have heard several people talk about this- a 540km with 4245m of climbing! It takes many people close to 20 hours to ride it. Fastest time last year was a little over 13 hours- though many people took closer to 20. I think "styrkeprøven" literally means "strength test," but I could be wrong.

The racing scene seems to have more events like these and almost none of officially licensed races of the US. There is a race from Egersund to Stavanger along the ocean, for example, that is more of a timed "citizen" event- and they throw just enough off-road into the mix to require a mountain bike.


Hjalti said...

Great Trial of Strength. Sounds like a neat event.

Here is one series of reports on it:

Anonymous said...

Here's a blog documenting the preparations for an attempt at Styrkeprøven: .

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