Thursday, February 16, 2006

Wanna Feel Old?

While my wife is fighting her youth, I am fighting my age. The X-files first episode is showing next week- they are broadcasting the series from the beginning. The problem is that I remember well watching the much hyped first episode in my apartment on Hennepin Avenue in Uptown. Seeing Moulder and Scully circa 1993 is a complete 90s flashback- and it makes me feel old. If I recall, Friday night was X-files night before meeting up with friends. There are few things that I recall as being "the 90s"- but the X-files would definitely be on that list.


Anonymous said...

1993, you were the man left in charge of the Theo's vacated by one hoping and trying something new and different i.e.clincial reviewer, where I was required to wear a suit and tie; it only lasted 3 months short of a year and I moved on to something more meaningful, direct clinical work and the county crisis team. That's what your blog conjured from my memory chest. LA

filtersweep said...

Funny how 12 years separates a kindergardener from graduation... or some kid just out of college from living halfway across the globe.

I had no idea you needed to wear a suit for that job. I didn't think you had any face to face client contact.