Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Front Seat Driver

I survived my driving lesson, although I an 2380nok poorer- and it doesn't end there. I'll need to pay another 1400 for Friday's test- so this will be a very expensive license. As one coworker put it, "In Norway we don't need to save up for our children's college education-- we need to save for their driver's license."

Anyway, according to the instructor, who had a perfect British accent, the mechanics of my driving is fine. I learned there is no proper way to signal in roundabouts- that I could probably get by without signaling at all (which seems to be the mob rule). What annoyed me is his critique that I coast to much with the clutch. I won't pretend to be taught any sort of "proper way" to drive a manual, as my parents' last stick shift was an old Beetle that is barely a shadow of a memory. In fact, all I actually remember is how frightening that car was compared to the plush 60s era Caprice Classic they also drove at the time. Learning to clutch from being a passenger in a school bus won't cut it either- nor will riding in a big truck.

I did a mental inventory, and my wife drives in a similar manner to me. My friends all drive in a similar manner. I don't downshift before approaching every stop, and I don't always hit the brake before the clutch. I have never worn out a clutch, and I have made it this far, so I fail to see what the issue is. None of this should affect my test of Friday-- I hope. But the test has some really stupid questions, like at least how many millimeters of tread should summer tires have? Stay tuned for the answer. Bonus question: what about winter tires?


Sparky Dog said...

GREAT QUESTION... My dad had this tread test for summer tires that involved a nickel and putting it in the tread and the tread would have to be over the top of Jefferson's head from the top edge of the nickel. so, I dont know ... number one if it is Jefferson, and Im going to estimate it at 3 mms? For snow tires... there? I have no clue.

filtersweep said...

Summer tires- 1.6 mm and snow tires 3 mm. That seems rather shallow to me, but I didn't write the rules.