Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Strange News

The TV at the gym was tuned in to the national TV station, NRK, showing olympic skiing. Next up was the Sami news- done in Sami- a language only three people still speak. Sami are the indigenous people of the north. Fortunately it is texted in regular Norwegian. There is some government iniative that requires Sami news. From what I could tell, it was news from northern Norway (Finmark), in cooperation with Sweden. It is that crazy part of Norway that joins Russia. Of course the border is guarded to keep booze smugglers out- I can't imagine any other purpose. The news was all snow and reindeer. I cannot imagine living there.

Afterwards was the news for the deaf. It is all signed by some grandmotherly type- but a different grandma than last night. Watching it made me wonder how many different sign languages there are. It also made me wonder why they didn't just caption it- like everything else. Very strange.

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