Saturday, February 04, 2006

Saturday Workout

It was snowing today, so we went to the gym. I am not quite acclimated to the new gym, and I forgot my towel. I later realized I forgot my iPod, so there was no doubt that today would not be a cardio day- I lifted weights. Keep in mind it has almost been a year since doing any resistance work, so I took it easy. There were kids everywhere, since the gym had a soccer tournament. As I was changing, an adult woman storms into the locker room with a kid and her husband. She put something in a locker and left. There were people changing. It was very strange. The club already has family locker rooms. My guess is that a man would be arrested for doing the same thing. In the US, back at Lifetime, there was a stretch when the Eagan club had a female working "maintenance," but there were signs everywhere "warning" men that there would be a woman cleaning the men's locker room. Also, on weekends, it wasn't unusual for a father to bring a young daughter in the men's locker room to help her change. Still, I thought it strange that a woman would do such a thing- out of principle.

After the workout, I drove the a bike shop to try again to remove the fixed cog that was loctited on. I drove to Sandnes to Spin, which is the largest bike shop I have seen anywhere. It was enormous. It would be like jamming all the Erik's Bike stores and rolling them up into one gigantic store. I went back to the shop and there was a lone young male working there. I explained my predicament, and he didn't look at me like I just stepped out of a spaceship (as others have done). Fixed gears just aren't seen around here- particularly with a suicide hub. I explained I needed some heat to remove the cog, since it was installed using the infamous red loctite. He pulled out some sort of torch and fired it up. The cog flamed up as the grease burned off. Then I grabbed the chainwhip and leaned into it while he heated the cog. It quickly loosened. He was amazed. He didn't charge me anything, since it wasn't everyday that he could play with fire at work. Now I can fix my wheel. I should be back on the road in no time.

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