Saturday, January 13, 2007


I have thought about making a few new entries, but things have been very busy, as you may imagine. Unfortunately, work has been busier than I would have liked. I have had to develop a training curriculum for our India office while following -up our US trip. I felt guilty returning to work. Julian is too cool, and it seems wrong to spend time away from him. On the other hand, we still need to put food on the table. I have tried doing a little work from home, but he is too much of a distraction-- not that he requires so much attention, but rather because I could just look at him all day, even if he is only sleeping.

I am amazed by how quickly we have adjusted. It seems like we have always had him, that he has always been a part of our lives--- when in fact he is coming up on four weeks old. Even that is a strange concept. I can't believe it is four weeks already-- it seems he was just born. Already his smallest clothes are becoming a little too tight.

I fear that I will start sounding like a blithering new parent. Everything we are going through is what every new parent experiences. But like the pregnancy, and birth, everything carries more significance when it involves us personally. It has also heightened my sensitivity to these issues in others. For example, a coworker is expecting in June, and I remembered the exact due date. Normally, with my Y-chromosome, I couldn't even remember the gender of a coworker's baby after the birth, and you can forget about me having any clue as to the weight or any other details.

I drove to work all week. The weather has been terrible here, but still, no snow. Yesterday it was warmer here than in Venice or Mallorca-- althought the rain was "falling" horizontally. Next week I should start biking. I have the Nokian Extremes ready to roll, but with global warming, or whatever it is, I probably won't need them this year.

We are borrowing a digital camera. Our Canon has the dreaded E18 error. I had never heard of it until doing a google search. Apparently, Canon should name this model the E18. The lens is stuck open, and it is useless. Completely annoying.