Sunday, January 21, 2007


We spent the day with Julian's grandparents on Kvitsøy. The day started out with wonderful sunny weather, but it eventually turned to rain, then wind, then wind and snow. Snow never seems to stick on Kvitsøy, the way it hangs out in the sea. As we headed home and left from the ferry landing, the snow became thicker and thicker. I had a flashback to the man changing to his winter tires in the parking lot down at Statoil earlier in the day. This guy must have watched the forecast. My worst fear was that we would not make it up the hill by our house.

As we drove home, we managed the main street hill with relative ease. My concern was taking the sharp narrow corner, where inevitably would be almost impassible on a good day with the neighbors who park illegally on the street. The grade was too much, having lost speed to make the corner, and the rear-wheel drive German technology with an anti-slip rear was just no match for the conditions. I was stuck in less than 2cm of snow. I backed down the hill to the street, and tried my luck further up the hill to the second entrance to our street. Technically it was not a through street from the other end, but these were not normal circumstances. Again, after turning it, I could not make it up the hill.

I let Lise and Julian off to walk to our house, and found a spot on the street to park-- legally. I am at the point where I am ready to change the wheels myself- since the tires are already mounted. I only wish I had a proper floor jack. Of course, this means that tomorrow, traffic will be a nightmare if I chose to drive. Tomorrow will be the inaugural voyage on the Nokians. I cannot bear the thought of taking the bus.