Sunday, January 28, 2007

Green Again

Friday I was stuck at work late, watching brief blizzard conditions. When i finally left, I ended up sliding down the hill, feeling the anti-lock feedback of the brake pedal, hoping silently that I would stop before I reached the intersection. The roads were very icy. As I headed up our hill, there were cars stuck, and cars behind them backing down in reverse. I was able to slip by and maintain my momentum to make it to our street. After some effort, I was able to clear the final hill and final corner to reach our garage. I must get the snow tires on soon!

Last night we took Julian in the carriage and went out to eat at Dolly Dimples, the only restaurant in walking distance. Their Italian pizza was quite good. It continued to snow as we walked home. The snow eventually turned to rain. By morning the temperature was maybe 8 or 9C, and there was no evidence of snow remaining. Everything is green again. We took Julian for a walk today, and contemplated which day cares to include in our application. We need to choose four. While it is almost a year away, the enrollment period closes in a few days. Of course, we cannot imagine leaving him anywhere, but we have months to sort this all out anyway. It is nice to make it home by 4pm and still see daylight. It almost smells like spring today. Lise thinks winter is over- after almost a week. Of course now it is raining again-- which is even worse. At least the weather here always gives me something to complain about.

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