Friday, January 26, 2007

Disappearing Snow

Yesterday afternoon the temperature poked above freezing, and I rode home through a slushy mess. I was stuck at work late as we met with one of the consultants we had worked with in the US. At least work was finished for me around 5pm. I had the option of attending an event that tried to match local venture capitalists with technologies in need of investors. I have been working that angle from the US, and decided that I would rather be home.

I decided that riding in slush is worse than riding on ice or snow. The traction isn't as good. Also, my back has been sore lately, likely from paying extra attention to weight distribution as I ride up and down hills. It generally doesn't make much sense to stand while riding, since it tends to unload the rear wheel. I have also been fighting off a cold. These factors all collided to point to one conclusion: I would drive to work today. My guilt quickly melted as it started to rain. Rain at 3C is no time to be riding if it can be avoided. Besides, I have ridden enough for one week.

Today I must finalize travel plans to Manchester, Stockholm, Prague, and San Francisco for a series of events we will be sponsoring. This has thrown my passport renewal into limbo, since Manchester is in four weeks. My plan B is to re-apply when my parents arrive in May-- that will knock one month off from any foreign travel. I am not looking forward to being away from Julian. I guess that is a good sign. I even feel like I need to rid myself away to leave for work in the morning. He looks too ridiculously cute for words when he is sleeping in the morning. Each day there is something subtle and new about him. Now he is beginning to smile, and his eyelashes are gradually growing in. I would hate to miss something while I was away.

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