Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Video Star

I won't sink to the depths of doting new parenthood by posting videos on the web of Julian sleeping, but it is pretty cool being able to share him on video with my parents back in the US. Communication is extremely easy these days. I still cannot believe how cheap and easy it is to have a US 800-number in our home. I remember as a child what a huge deal it was when someone called long distance-- and international calls were almost unheard of. Sound quality was terrible- people literally sounded far away. With the internet, I have virtually free video calls to anywhere in the world. Still, it is not the same as being there.

I have an idea that I will end up having much more insight into my own parents. It is strange to imagine that my parents looked at me the way we look at Julian. I believe it will make me a better son, somehow. It is ridiculously humbling to imagine starting out life that way, and yet we all did.


Sparky Dog said...

post a video, nothing wrong with it my man. You and your stavenger girl have earned it. What a peculiar last few years for you eh?

Congrats... a bit late... Ive been out of the loop (funknuggets)

filtersweep said...

Thanks! Nice to see you back (here and at RBR).