Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Four Weeks

Yesterday Julian turned four weeks old. Four weeks! Funny how time is relative- the last four weeks of Lise's pregnancy were possibly the slowest four weeks of my life. Actually, that is less a reflection on her, and more about how much we looked forward to meeting him.

Things I have learned in the last four weeks
Newborn poo doesn't stink. It smells more like bread. Of course, as Lise pointed out, he really poops what she actually eats. Apparently, he is entering a period where he will only poo once per week. I have yet to see it. The thing is, I would be crying non-stop if I only went once weekly.

Made in France
His diapers are made in France-- just like my bike tires. Yesterday we purchased what I joking refer to as a "diaper machine." No- it doesn't change him automatically, but it individually wraps each dirty diaper so the bathroom doesn't stink. Well, maybe not stink, exactly--- but I never claimed it was odorless.

Adult Faces
Lise and I have both observed this phenomenon: after looking at Julian all day, our own faces appear to be huge. Lise's nose, eyes, lips-- even her head, suddenly appear to be disproportionately large. Again, the theory of relativity at work.

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