Saturday, January 13, 2007

Passport Woes

I need to renew my passport. My first challenge is finding an open window when I don't need it. I will be returning to the US sometime in March for work, and might need to go for a few days before then. I am doing everything I can to avoid traveling right now. I should renew the passport before I renew my visas. Of course, as soon as I renew it, I will also need a new visa to India, and that was a fiasco that last time.

The US embassy here is very strange. If I travel to Oslo, I can pay in kroner. If I mail it in, I must pay in cash--- in US currency. Either way, could they make it more inconvenient? I have a little US cash lying around.

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Mir said...

Good luck getting your paperwork done in time. Don´t you have banks in Norway that can make an exchange? Nice pictures!