Sunday, January 14, 2007

Mild Winter

It turns out that little bit of wind we had was from a major storm. Somehow, it was classified as a hurricane, and even had its own name, "Per." It disrupted trains when trees fell on their power lines-- they are electric around here.

I received new wheels for Christmas so I could run studded tires on the "old" wheelset. They are a little flashy, but the price was right. Originally I planned to buy a wheelset that I could destroy in the salt and slush--- if it ever arrives. But then I thought it made more sense to use the stock wheels for the nasty stuff. These were 2006 Mavics that were drastically reduced- something I seldom see in local bike shops.
I had to purchase an extra set of disc rotors. I found a great deal from a mail order shop out of the UK. It was such a good deal that I ordered an extra cassette as well. When the order arrived, I owed something like 200nok in VAT! I am quite sure I was even paying tax on the postage, since it ended up being about a third of the total price. It was COD for the tax at the post office- so I had no choice. Suddenly this was not such a great deal. After lamenting about this at work, my coworkers explained that I should have placed a series of separate orders to remain under the tax threshold. I threw some new tires on as well- the old ones were a mess, and I practically ruined the rear with that flat on my last commute.
These are the ultimate studded tires (below): Nokian Extreme 296-- featuring, uh, 296 carbide studs. Of course there is no point using them on dry pavement. I haven't seen any snow or ice yet this year. We actually have a crocus poppin up in our flower bed by the front door. It almost smelled like spring when we took a walk with Julian today.

Inspiration: I didn't race much last year, and I don't feel like I am in very good shape these days (in the dead of winter), so I redecorated the worksop for a bit of inspiration.

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